What Size Ukulele Should Kids Play?

As we all know, childhood is the best time to learn a hobby like playing ukulele. Because, it is the best time to learn a hobby and specialize in it at later ages.

Music education is also considered within the scope of this subject. World famous musicians start their musical education at a very young age. So, starting music education at a young age also improves cognitive abilities. You can find dozens of scientific articles written on this subject.

It’s normal for parents to be indecisive when considering to buy the first ukulele for their kids. Our suggestion for you in this regard will be the soprano size ukulele.

Why Soprano Ukulele Is Best For Kids?

Soprano size ukulele is the smallest* size among ukulele sizes that you can reach. The common size of the soprano ukulele is 53 cm. The smaller ukulele means, narrower ukulele frets. This means the ideal fretspacing for your child’s little fingers. So, soprano boy ukulele has the standard ukulele tuning system (G-C-E-A). This means you can tune your ukulele and make it ready to your child to play.

*Although there are smaller ukulele sizes than soprano, you may not find them in every music store.