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Sublime – Santeria Ukulele Chords

Key: E7
Chords: [E7], [G#], [C#m], [B], [A]
Tuning: GCEA Tune your ukulele
Difficulty: Moderate
Find Your Ukulele: Soprano | Concert | Tenor
Adjust Text: A- | A+ for optimal viewing.

I don’t practice santeria I ain’t got no crystal ball
I had a million dollars but I’d, I’d spend it all
If I could find that Heina and that Sancho she’s found
Well I’d pop a cap in Sancho and I’d slap her down

All I really wanna know my baby.
All I really wanna say I can’t define.
It’s love that I need
But my soul will have to

Wait ’till I get back, find a Heina of my own
Daddy’s gonna love one and all
And I gotta live it up Oh yeah, uh huh, well I swear that I

All I really wanna know my baby.
All I really wanna say I can’t define.
That love will make it go
My soul will have to…

All I really wanna say my baby
All I really wanna say is I’ve got mine
And I’ll make it yes I’m coming up
Tell Sanchito that if…

He knows what is good for him he best go run and hide
Daddy’s got a new 45
And I won’t think twice to stick that barrel straight down Sancho’s throat
Believe me when I say that I got something for his punk ass

But I really wanna know my baby
What I really wanna say is there’s just one way back
And I’ll make it
Yeah my soul will have to wait.

Pop, Pop Rock, Reggae, Rock
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Santeria UKULELE CHORDS (Sublime) | ukulelearn

About Santeria

Artist and Song: Sublime - Santeria
Album: Sublime
Genre: Pop, Pop Rock, Reggae, Rock
Year: 1996
Difficulty: Moderate
Tuning: G C E A
Key: E7
Chords: [E7], [G#], [C#m], [B], [A]
Strumming: D - DU - DU - DU

About Sublime - Santeria Ukulele Chords & Strumming Pattern

"Santeria" is a song by Pop, Pop Rock, Reggae, Rock artist Sublime. It was released in 1996 on the album, titled "Sublime". Santeria is considered under Pop, Pop Rock, Reggae, Rock genre.
  • The original key of Santeria is E7.
  • D - DU - DU - DU is the suggested strumming pattern for this Sublime song.
  • [E7], [G#], [C#m], [B], [A] are the ukulele chords for playing Santeria with the original key (E7) on ukulele.
  • Click here to start playing Santeria on your ukulele now.

What Are The Chords For Santeria On Ukulele?

You will play the [E7], [G#], [C#m], [B], [A] ukulele chords while playing Santeria with your ukulele in the E7 key, original tone of the song.

How Do You Strum Santeria On Ukulele?

Santeria ukulele strumming pattern is D - DU - DU - DU. You can also try D (down) if the suggested pattern is hard for you.

Who Sings Santeria?

Santeria is performed by Sublime. It was first released on the album "Sublime" in 1996.