Coldplay – Paradise Ukulele Chords

Coldplay Paradise ukulele chords and strumming pattern are in this post! Start playing this Coldplay song from the "Mylo Xyloto" album released in 2011 with your ukulele right now!

Key: Dm
Chords: [Gm7], [C], [Dm], [F], [Bb]
Strumming: D - DU - UDU (or D - D)

Paradise Ukulele Chords

[Gm] [C] [Dm] [F] [C]

[Dm]When she was just a [Bb]girl,
[F]She expected the [C]world,
But it [Dm]flew away from her [Bb]reach,
So she [F]ran away in her [C]sleep.

Dreamed of [Gm]para para [Bb]paradise,
[F]Para para [C]paradise,
[Gm]Para para [Bb]paradise,
[F]Every [C]time she closed her eyes.

[Gm] [C] [Dm] [F] [C]

[Bb]When she was just a [Dm]girl,
She expected the [C]world,
But it [Bb]flew away from her [Dm]reach,
And bullets catch in her [C]teeth.

[Gm]Life goes on,
It [Bb]gets so heavy,
The [Dm]wheel breaks the [C]butterfly.

[Bb]Every tear, a [Dm]waterfall.
In the [Gm]night, the [F]stormy night,
She closed her [C]eyes.

In the [Gm]night,
The [F]stormy night,
Away she [C]flied.

I dream of [Gm]para para [Bb]paradise,
[F]Para para [C]paradise,
[Gm]Para para [Bb]paradise,
[F]Whoa oh oh oh [C]oooh oh oh oh.

I dream of [Gm]para para [Bb]paradise,
[F]Para para [C]paradise,
[Gm]Para para [Bb]paradise,
[F]Whoa oh oh oh [C]oooh oh oh oh.

[Gm] [C] [Dm] [F] [C] x2

Still [Bb]lying under[F]neath the stormy [C]skies.
[Bb]She said oh oh [F]oh oh oh oh.
I know the [C]sun’s set to rise.

This could be [Gm]para para [Bb]paradise,
[F]Para para [C]paradise,
[Gm]Para para [Bb]paradise,
[F]Whoa oh oh oh [C]oooh oh oh oh (3x)

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Artist and Song:Coldplay - Paradise
Album:Mylo Xyloto
Chords:[Gm7], [C], [Dm], [F], [Bb]
Strumming:D - DU - UDU
Genre:Alternative, Indie

About Coldplay - Paradise Ukulele Chords & Strumming Pattern

"Paradise" is a song by Alternative, Indie artist Coldplay. It was released in 2011 on the album, titled "Mylo Xyloto". Paradise is considered under Alternative, Indie genre.
  • The key of Coldplay - Paradise is Dm.
  • D - DU - UDU is the suggested strumming pattern for Paradise. If it's not easy for you, you can try only down (D) strumming for playing "Paradise".
  • The chords that we use for playing Paradise on ukulele are: [Gm7], [C], [Dm], [F], [Bb].

What Are The Chords For Paradise On Ukulele?

You will play the [Gm7], [C], [Dm], [F], [Bb] ukulele chords while playing Paradise with your ukulele in the Dm key, original tone of the song.

How Do You Strum Paradise On Ukulele?

Paradise ukulele strumming pattern is D - DU - UDU. You can also try D (down) if the suggested pattern is hard for you.

Who Sings Paradise?

Paradise is performed by Coldplay. It was first released on the album "Mylo Xyloto" in 2011.
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