Easton Corbin – Lovin’ You Is Fun Ukulele Chords

Here you can find ukulele chords and tabs of "Lovin' You Is Fun" by Easton Corbin. Get ready and start playing Lovin' You Is Fun on your ukulele.

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Lovin' You Is Fun Ukulele Chords

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You got a cousin who’s telling you something that don’t have nothin’ to do
With the love we’re in, baby
I hear she’s sayin’ that game we’re playin’ should be complicated
If you won’t, I’ll say it, I think she’s crazy ’cause

Love don’t have to be a bunch of drama
A bunch of knock-down, drag-outs crying in the rain
It’s alright to keep it light now mama, don’t you think
We’re having such a good time together, and it’s only just begun
My heart’s never smiled so hard, baby, loving you is fun…
It’s fun….

I’m walking around all over this town, ten feet off the ground
So happy I found you, baby, I love it
There’s no self-help book on your shelf, you know too well
They’re trying to sell you something for nothing ’cause

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Lovin' You Is Fun UKULELE CHORDS (Easton Corbin) | ukulelearn

About Lovin' You Is Fun

Artist and Song: Easton Corbin - Lovin' You Is Fun
Album: All Over the Road
Genre: Country
Year: 2012
Difficulty: Moderate
Tuning: G C E A
Key: G
Chords: [G], [Bm], [Em], [C], [D]
Strumming: D - DU - DU - DU

About Easton Corbin - Lovin' You Is Fun Ukulele Chords & Strumming Pattern

"Lovin' You Is Fun" is a song by Country artist Easton Corbin. It was released in 2012 on the album, titled "All Over the Road". Lovin' You Is Fun is considered under Country genre.
  • The original key of Lovin' You Is Fun is G.
  • D - DU - DU - DU is the suggested strumming pattern for this Easton Corbin song.
  • [G], [Bm], [Em], [C], [D] are the ukulele chords for playing Lovin' You Is Fun with the original key (G) on ukulele.
  • Click here to start playing Lovin' You Is Fun on your ukulele now.

What Are The Chords For Lovin' You Is Fun On Ukulele?

You will play the [G], [Bm], [Em], [C], [D] ukulele chords while playing Lovin' You Is Fun with your ukulele in the G key, original tone of the song.

How Do You Strum Lovin' You Is Fun On Ukulele?

Lovin' You Is Fun ukulele strumming pattern is D - DU - DU - DU. You can also try D (down) if the suggested pattern is hard for you.

Who Sings Lovin' You Is Fun?

Lovin' You Is Fun is performed by Easton Corbin. It was first released on the album "All Over the Road" in 2012.