How To Strum A Ukulele Without A Pick?

Ukulele players divide into two groups. These are those who use picks for ukulel strumming and those who do not. If you are not in the group of pick-lovers, this article suits well for you. In this article we will explain how to strum a ukulele without a pick.

Strumming Position Is Important

Finding and maintaining the correct strumming position is so important. Correct strumming position means placing the strumming fingers on he uppermost string of the ukulele (G). After that, you should start playing the rhythm with small wrist movements, (not with your arm). Because, bigger arm moves mean getting tired. You should always try to find smaller moves, when it comes to ukulele strumming.

Some people use only the index finger for the downward rhythm. Others use all four fingers (except the thumb) to play Down strumming.

There is a similar separation in the upward rhythm. The vast majority of Ukulele artists use their thumbs for upward rhythm, while some people use their index or other fingers for that.

When you are learning how to strum a ukulele without a pick, you can use the thumb and index finger to create a C shape. Then, ou can use your index finger for downward rhythm and your thumb for upward rhythm.

In short, the finger selection of ukulele players can be different when it comes to the strumming without a pick. The important thing is to place the rhythm hand in the correct position on the ukulele. Then, you can figure out which fingers are most helpful for Down and Up strumming.