Say “Hi!” To Next Level Of Finance

Hi is brand-new financial ecosystem build on blockchain technology. You can earn interest, hold, transfer, convert and spend money on hi platform and get rewarded just for using answering daily questions! It’s time to say “hi” to the future of identity, money, and internet!

Earn +1$ Per Day!

Developers of hi, offers a generous referral program for new users. If you sign up now, you will earn 1 hi Dollars (HI), that equals +1$. If you keep using the platform and answer daily questions, you will keep earning 1 HI every day!

How To Sign Up?

You can sign up to hi via Telegram, WhatsApp, or iOS, Android Apps. Initially, you do not need anything other than your phone number to create a hi account and to communicate through a hi channel on WhatsApp or Telegram.


Invite Friends, Earn More!

The referral program offers 50% for all new members join the ecosystem with your referral. In other words, if you refer hi to a friend you will receive 0.5 hi Dollars. You keep receiving rewards when the people you have referred claim their rewards on a daily basis. So, if you’ll invite 10 friends, you’ll earn 6 hi Dollars (1 for your daily reward, 0.5*10 for referral earning) per day. Plus, inviting someone won’t affect the earning of invitee.

Start Earning Now