The Beatles – Girl Ukulele Chords

Key: Am
Chords: [Am], [E7], [Am7], [Dm], [C], [Em], [G7], [A], [F]
Tuning: GCEA Tune your ukulele
Difficulty: Moderate
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Is there anybody going to listen to my story
All about the girl who came to stay?
She’s the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry
Still you don’t regret a single day

Ah girl, girl…
Ah girl, girl…

When I think of all the
Times I’ve tried so hard to leave her
She will come to me and start to cry
And she promises the earth to me and I bel-ieve her
After all this time I don’t know why

Ah girl, girl…
Ah girl, girl…

She’s the kind of girl who puts you down
When friends are there, you feel a fool
When you say she’s looking good
She acts as if it’s understood,
She’s cool, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Ah girl, girl…
Ah girl, girl…

Was she told when she was young
That pain would lead to pleasure?
Did she understand it when they said
That a man must break his back to earn his day of leisure,
Will she still believe it when he’s dead?

Ah girl, girl…
Ah girl, girl…

Pop, Pop Rock, Rock
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Girl UKULELE CHORDS (The Beatles) | ukulelearn

About Girl

Artist and Song: The Beatles - Girl
Album: Rubber Soul
Genre: Pop, Pop Rock, Rock
Year: 1965
Difficulty: Moderate
Tuning: G C E A
Key: Am
Chords: [Am], [E7], [Am7], [Dm], [C], [Em], [G7], [A], [F]
Strumming: D - DU - DU - DU

About The Beatles - Girl Ukulele Chords & Strumming Pattern

"Girl" is a song by Pop, Pop Rock, Rock artist The Beatles. It was released in 1965 on the album, titled "Rubber Soul". Girl is considered under Pop, Pop Rock, Rock genre.
  • The original key of Girl is Am.
  • D - DU - DU - DU is the suggested strumming pattern for this The Beatles song.
  • [Am], [E7], [Am7], [Dm], [C], [Em], [G7], [A], [F] are the ukulele chords for playing Girl with the original key (Am) on ukulele.
  • Click here to start playing Girl on your ukulele now.

What Are The Chords For Girl On Ukulele?

You will play the [Am], [E7], [Am7], [Dm], [C], [Em], [G7], [A], [F] ukulele chords while playing Girl with your ukulele in the Am key, original tone of the song.

How Do You Strum Girl On Ukulele?

Girl ukulele strumming pattern is D - DU - DU - DU. You can also try D (down) if the suggested pattern is hard for you.

Who Sings Girl?

Girl is performed by The Beatles. It was first released on the album "Rubber Soul" in 1965.