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Elvis Costello – She Ukulele Chords

Key: C
Chords: [C], [Cmaj7], [F], [Dm], [G], [D#], [C#]
Tuning: GCEA Tune your ukulele
Difficulty: Hard
Find Your Ukulele: Soprano | Concert | Tenor
Adjust Text: A- | A+ for optimal viewing.

She may be the face I can’t forget
The trace of pleasure or regret
Maybe my treasure or the price I have to pay
She may be the song that summer sings
May be the chill that autumn brings
May be a hundred different things
Within the measure of a day

She may be the beauty or the beast
May be the famine or the feast
May turn each day into a Heaven or a Hell
She may be the mirror of my dreams
A smile reflected in a stream
She may not be what she may seem
Inside her shell….

She, who always seems so happy in a crowd
Whose eyes can be so private and so proud
No one’s allowed to see them when they cry
She maybe the love that cannot hope to last
May come to me from shadows in the past
That I remember ’till the day I die

She maybe the reason I survive
The why and wherefore I’m alive
The one I care for through the rough and ready years
Me, I’ll take the laughter and her tears
And make them all my souvenirs
For where she goes I’ve got to be
The meaning of my life is
She…. She
Oh, she….

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She UKULELE CHORDS (Elvis Costello) | ukulelearn

About She

Artist and Song: Elvis Costello - She
Album: Notting Hill
Genre: Pop
Year: 1999
Difficulty: Hard
Tuning: G C E A
Key: C
Chords: [C], [Cmaj7], [F], [Dm], [G], [D#], [C#]
Strumming: D - DDU

About Elvis Costello - She Ukulele Chords & Strumming Pattern

"She" is a song by Pop artist Elvis Costello. It was released in 1999 on the album, titled "Notting Hill". She is considered under Pop genre.
  • The original key of She is C.
  • D - DDU is the suggested strumming pattern for this Elvis Costello song.
  • [C], [Cmaj7], [F], [Dm], [G], [D#], [C#] are the ukulele chords for playing She with the original key (C) on ukulele.
  • Click here to start playing She on your ukulele now.

What Are The Chords For She On Ukulele?

You will play the [C], [Cmaj7], [F], [Dm], [G], [D#], [C#] ukulele chords while playing She with your ukulele in the C key, original tone of the song.

How Do You Strum She On Ukulele?

She ukulele strumming pattern is D - DDU. You can also try D (down) if the suggested pattern is hard for you.

Who Sings She?

She is performed by Elvis Costello. It was first released on the album "Notting Hill" in 1999.